DM Baby
  WHAT IS DM Baby?

Dm Baby is a web design package for your Babies. Here you can set up a website about your newest family member. Parents have full control over their site and can upload photo albums and videos, set up a family tree, create teething charts and keep an online journal about the family life while other members of the family can't wait too see all the new stuff about your little baby. Your baby's grandparents, and other friends and relatives, can write comments on pictures and videos and the family as a whole can enjoys the site. It is not unusual for your site to be the main topic when the family gets together.


Large Pictures and Unlimited Storage:
A website for your baby is the best way to collect pictures, videos and other memories in one place. You can grant friends and family access where they can view your content as soon as you publish it on your baby's website. Picture and video handling is very easy and you can upload large high-resolution pictures and video files fast and then edit, arrange and work with your content in a user friendly way. The cherry on top is our unique high-security backup service of your pictures, videos and other content which is available in your control panel when you need it the most.

High Quality Video:
Most of us have small digital cameras which can record small videos. What a good idea to share these videos with friends and family with a single mouse click. It does not matter if you record your video with a small digital camera, mobile phone or a large video camera - we support all of them. As with pictures we offer high-security backups of all video content.