DM Marriage Couple
  WHAT IS DM Marriage Couple?

Marriage Couple in DameMonde is a Web design specifically for a marriage couple. It is commonly renowned in the western region.


This is the page people will see when they first visit your site. Upload your photo, save a welcome message and your family & friends can start enjoying your site.

From Us
This is a great page to leave a special note from the both of you. Maybe a favorite verse or quote. Upload pics, files and create links as well.

Share how you met, how he proposed, funny things that happened and more. Everyone loves to hear these stories and know that every single one of them will be read! Upload pics, files and create links as well with each story.

Find out what your family and friends really think. Create unlimited polls! You can also use polls for gathering information from guests, like 'What's your music preference for the reception?' and let them choose from 'Rock, country, oldies, disco', etc.

Find out how much, or how little, your friends and family actually know. Create unlimited quizzes!

Post all your upcoming events on this page. Add the date, time, location and even setup an RSVP for the event. Attach pics for the event, files (maybe an itinerary), web links (URL to venue or directions) and more.

Wedding Party
What a great way to share with everyone who will be in your wedding party. Explain how you know this person, a little about them and embarrassing stories are always fun too. Add pics, files and web links to each wedding party member as well.

Link to your registries or provide location information for stores not available online. Unlimited registry entries.

Wish List
Are there items you need that aren't on your registry, or you don't have a registry? Just add them to your own custom wish list. Add an item and where it can be found. For example, '100" plasma tv from the big electronics store'. Unlimited wish list entries.

Photo Albums
Upload unlimited photos in unlimited albums. Manage your photos and albums quickly and easily with drag and drop ease. Upload, edit and delete multiple photos at a time. We hope you have a lot of photos.Out of TownersHave family and friends coming from out of town? Post all the information they will need on this page. Flight options, hotel options, itineraries, important dates, etc. Whatever they need, you can make available on this page.

Audio & Video
Upload a video of your proposal, and the song you will walk down the aisle to. If you have background music playing, users can just hit the stop audio button while on your A/V page.

Mailing List
Let your visitors stay up to date on your wedding and news by joining your own mailing list. You can add, edit or delete people on your list through your control panel at any time.

Upload files to your website for visitors to download. This could be maps, an itinerary, photos and more. Upload a variety of file formats: doc, pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, mpg, mpeg, mp3, mid, avi, mov, txt and pps

People getting lost on the way to the reception is one of the worst things that can happen on your wedding day. Make sure everyone knows where they are going by posting maps and directions to each venue.

Family & Friends
List all your family and friends so that everyone can get to know who each other are before the big day. Include names, stories, photos and more.

Post your honeymoon destination for everyone to be jealous of. Include pics of your resort, the rolling waves and all the activities you will be enjoying.

This is a great page to post stories and pics of your life after 'the big day'. Post pics of your new house, your current plans and thoughts on your new life together.

Thank You
Offer thanks to those who have been of great help during this stressful time of your life. Include family, friends or even vendors or wedding planners who have helped make your perfect day a reality.

Our Vendors
List the vendors that helped make your wedding day a reality. Post your thoughts on each, good, or even bad. Let everyone know if your florist was the best in town, who knows, your thoughts could make for great referrals for friends getting hitched.

This is a page where people involved in the planning of your wedding can meet. You can include important dates and information. This page can have special password protection, separate form the standard password that you use to protect your site.

Guest Book
Collect everyones best wishes in your own guest book. You can edit and delete comments in your control panel. You can also choose to 'Preview' comments before they appear live on your site. Once verified, you can let them show.

Contact Us
This contact page will let people send you questions and comments without having your phone ring off the hook. Messages are e-mailed to your e-mail address on file and also stored in your control panel.


Custom domain name
*All upgraded accounts can choose a custom domain name at no charge. www.****.com. This makes your web address short, personal and easy to share. No registration fee to ever pay during your eWedding term.
NEW - You can now setup custom email addresses with your domain name. ie.,,, info@, you get the idea.

Password protection
Protect your privacy and wedding details with the optional password protection. Password protect your complete website or just individual pages. Even protect RSVP's individually if you like.

Reorder pages
Reorder your pages on your website navigation to any order, at any time and as often as you like.

Rename pages
Rename your pages to anything, at any time and as often as you like. Even turn unused pages into new pages. For example, turn 'Our Vendors' into 'Our puppy Max!'.

Disable pages
We offer a ton of pages, if you don't need certain pages, or don't need them yet, just turn them off. You can always turn them back on later if you need them.

Background music
Upload up to three MP3 files for background music. Visitors to your site can switch between songs or shut the music off altogether. Max file size is 5mb.

Change theme
The theme you select at signup can be changed at any time. In fact, you can change your theme daily, or hourly, even by the minute! Your data is automatically loaded into the new theme in real-time.

Edit 24/7
Don't worry about setting up every page right now, you can edit your site around the clock, 24/7. No limits on editing your website.

Visitor counter
Wondering how many people have been to your site? We keep track of unique visits and post it on your site and in your control panel. The counter on your website is optional.

Wedding countdown
Each theme has a fun wedding countdown ticker. As if you don't already know how many days hours and minutes.

Flash intro
Launch your site with some Flash! Animated Flash intros add fun and amazement for your friends and family.

Keepsake of your site
Don't lose all of your hard work, get a Keepsake of your site for future offline viewing. Save your photos, guest book comments, every page you have enabled. Select either an immediate digital download or have it saved to custom silkscreened Keepsake CDs.